The PR Method

Read. Write. Work.

Get interviews & media coverage as a topic expert.

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You can be your own publicist and create credible media coverage and online awareness to grow your small business.

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I have consulted for over 100 companies while working in agency and corporate public relations roles. I have placed thousands of articles and mentions over the past 25 years.
I want to show you how to do that for your business too!

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About The PR Method

The PR Method is a simple system that I developed for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & small business owners.
My Read. Write. Work. process guarantees that you are getting the most from your public relations efforts.

In consulting for over 100 small businesses, I have learned that hiring a PR firm or in-house marketing expert is often not feasible, nor is it the best option for many new businesses. For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you are the brand, so it makes sense to develop your communications style.

I can show you how to use easy, proven PR tactics that you can incorporate into your everyday activities to help grow media coverage, online content & awareness.

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Why Can I Tell You What to do?

25 years of Marketing Expertise

3 Marketing Degrees

1000s of feature articles & media stories placed

Consultant for over 100 companies

Decades of extensive study of media, engagement & business

I have done this for myself, so I know it works!
It has worked for everyone I have shared this with!
I look for ways that people can better connect their personal brands. I study who is doing it right and put those into usable steps. I want you to grow your business, so you can hire me, we can make oodles of money, and ride off to the sunset.

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But How Will I get Media Coverage?

The PR Method teaches you how to connect with journalists, bloggers, and digital content developers.
You will learn the process.
You will learn my scheduling formula.
You will learn how to create content for website, blogs & to share with the media.
Incorporating the Read.Write.Work publicity strategy into your solo work & using my {30,60,90×2} scheduling formula will create usable content and media pitches that will help you earn coverage.