100+ clients

25 years of experience

1000+ media stories placed

3 Marketing Degrees {including an MBA}

I look for ways that people can better connect their personal brands and professional expertise with audiences. I study who is doing it right, figure out what works for the solopreneur, and put those ideas into easy-to-follow steps. 

I want you to grow your business using public relations!

I have decades of extensive study of media, public relations, engagement & business marketing. I have done this for myself, so I know it works! It has worked for everyone I have shared this with! The PR Method teaches you how to connect with journalists, bloggers, podcasters & digital content developers who are looking for people to interview.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • The PR Method & how the media really works.

  • Your perfect, professional social media scheduling formula.

  • How to create content for your social media & blogs that promotes your brand.

  • How & when to share your story with the media {the right media, at the right time!}

  • The Read.Write.Work. process to create useful content to promote your brand.

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